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Land Of Bards And Singers Exhibition

Rhondda Heritage Park
Wednesday 1 February - Friday 31 March 2017

Time: 10:30 - 16:30

A FREE exhibition celebrating the Land of Bards and Singers is open at Rhondda Heritage Park, the Museum of Welsh Mining, until the end of March (check website for opening hours).

The mid-late 19th Century brought many changes to the world-famous Valleys of South Wales, the intensification of coal mining led to a population growth never before witnessed. Communities sprang up around the coal mines, with men, women and even children having to suffer the dangers of working underground. Drawn together by these perils, they found comfort in their language and a shared religious faith. The choral singing that arose from the traditional Welsh chapels went on to become a defining symbol of the close-knit Welsh communities, resulting in many choirs and singing groups being formed.

Visit the Rhondda Heritage Park to find out how our National Anthem was born, how Caradog's Cor Mawr defeated the English and learn about the continued passion for music that still exists in our Valleys today.