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X Scream

Rhondda Heritage Park
Thursday 12 - Tuesday 31 October 2017


This event is NOT for the faint-hearted, X Scream is the ultimate Halloween experience taking place over 14 nights in October.

Your visit to X Scream will be more terrifying, blood-curdling and ghastly than any slash movie you can imagine - because that’s exactly what you’ll be creating – a horror movie with YOU playing the biggest part of your life (or death!)

X Scream is an immerse Halloween Scare event for ages 16+ (13 -15 year olds accompanied by an adult), set around an old colliery site.  Victims should expect a 40-50 minute walk (shorter if you run of course!) through various horror zones within the buildings and underground tunnels!

Lots of you will be scared witless, many of you will shriek at some point and all of you will scream with laughter.

For more information and tickets please visit the X Scream website or contact:

The event takes place Thursday - Sunday for 3 weeks commencing Thursday 12th October
For the brave, you can enter on Monday 30th and Tuesday 31st October but book your tickets soon.

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