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For an employee, going back to work after a period of sickness absence can be stressful; the more we can do to help them, the easier the process will be and the sooner they feel able to confidently return to work.

The Mental Health and Employment Coaches are supportive and encouraging and work in the “here and now approach” supporting individuals to overcome barriers to returning to work. 

In being as supportive as possible, we will directly help their physical recovery whilst also nurturing and aiding their mental health and wellbeing. This said, evidence has shown that returning to work greatly benefits the person in helping them return to a sense of normality, giving structure and routine and helping with their overall long term recovery.

Our team of professional and highly trained Mental Health & Employment Coaches, are able to support the employee throughout the ‘return to work’ process by providing a bespoke and tailor made approach. Please get in touch to find out how we can help.