The Housing Benefit (Decision and Appeals) Regulations 2001 state that any 'person affected' by a relevant decision can ask the Council to revise its decision. It also states that a person affected can appeal against the Council's decision to an independent appeal tribunal.

A relevant decision is any matter concerning a claim for benefit, for example:

  • the amount of benefit payable,
  • the rent eligible for benefit,
  • the calculation of a claimants income or the calculation
  • the recovery of an overpayment.

Some decisions, mainly administrative decisions, do not carry a right of appeal. You will be notified if the matter you are disputing does not carry the right of appeal.

A request for a revision means that the Council will look again at its decision regarding a claim for benefit and will make sure that it has been done correctly.

An appeal means that a Tribunal, independent of the Council and the DWP, will consider the Council's decision.

How to make a Housing Benefit or Council Tax Benefit Appeal?

Please use the links below to find details on how to make a Housing Benefit or Council Tax Benefit related Appeal:

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