We have now launched a new text messaging service to remind residents when their council tax is due.  This will help reduce costs and improve the quality of services we provide.

Each month we issue thousands of reminders to residents informing them that their council tax instalment is overdue; this costs lots of money in terms of both printing and postage, so we are looking at new efficient ways to contact residents and prevent further formal recovery action being required.

How does it work?

If you have previously provided the council tax team with your mobile phone number you will receive an initial text message advertising the service and giving you the option to ‘Opt-Out’ if you do not wish to receive text messages.

If you do not opt-out, an automated message will be sent to your mobile to remind you if you have an overdue council tax payment. The message will not contain any personal information, it will simply remind you that a payment is overdue. View details on how to pay your council tax.

How do I sign up?

If you did not receive the initial text message but wish to sign up, you can register by contacting the council tax team and providing your council tax account number and mobile phone number.


Who sends the text messages?

The text messages are sent by Rhondda Cynon Taf Council.

Do I need to respond to the text messages I receive?

You only need to reply to the initial text message if you wish to opt-out of the service. You will not be able to respond to the other messages as they are simply a reminder that your council tax payment is overdue.

If you move or wish to pay by direct debit in the future please contact us.

Will I receive marketing or junk texts from this?

No. The service is totally confidential. Your mobile phone number is only held on the council tax database and is not used for any other purpose. This service will not generate any other marketing or text messages to your phone and no other company or organisation will be given your number for marketing purposes.

You will only receive a text message if you have previously given us your telephone number to contact you, or if you have registered for the service.

Help us improve - don't include personal or financial information, e.g. your National Insurance number or credit card details.