Our central CCTV unit in Pontypridd protects the public, deters offenders and provides crucial support to crime and incident investigation across the county borough.

Expert operators manage nearly 300 cameras installed in our town centres, car parks, Council depots and buildings.

A key part of their role is the "live" monitoring of the cameras, using their skills and the latest technology to keep an eye on activity and protect the public. This can be from helping to find a lost child in a town centre to alerting patrolling police staff of suspicious activity or individuals.

CCTV is also the essential link in the town centre-wide Radio Net scheme, in which member businesses, shops and partner agencies communicate with each other via a shared radio system. Find out more about the scheme (link to download of leaflet Design and Print have done) and how to get involved.

It has long been recognised that the CCTV unit has been crucial in ensuring our town centres and public spaces remain safe and enjoyable places to visit, leading to hundreds of arrests and being involved in thousands of incidents each year.

For many people, including vulnerable individuals and those at risk as a result of domestic violence or hate crime CCTV has also provided extensive personal protection and reassurance.

The operation of our CCTV unit, including management of the cameras and the footage they secure, is done so with strict adherence to Data Protection Legislation.

For more information on this, or to secure access to CCTV footage under this legislation, please contact us via:

Community Safety Team


Tel: 01443 494876

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