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Dangerous Trees

If you have identified a dangerous tree you will firstly need to establish who owns the ground the tree is on. The Council can only confirm if the land is owned by the Council, it cannot advise on private ownerships. 

To find out if the tree(s) is/are on land owned by the Council contact the Property Information Team on:

Tel:  01443 281189    Email:

The query can then be directed to the relevant Council department to be dealt with as appropriate.

Dangerous Trees on private land

The Council will only deal with trees that are imminently dangerous and are at risk of causing life-threatening injury.

Trees can become imminently dangerous due to a singular event such as a storm, flood or vehicular damage in an accident, resulting in part, or all, of the tree presenting a danger to the public.  Alternatively, a tree may reach a dangerous state by ongoing decay or disease, or may have grown in such a way as to be structurally unsound..

The Council will only investigate complaints if the tree is considered imminently dangerous. For example, a large broken hanging branch or severed roots allowing an entire tree to rock at soil level. 

The Council will not deal with trees where there is a perceived danger, such as a tall tree, one close to a building or one that sways in the wind.  These trees are not considered to be in a dangerous condition and pose no imminent danger. The Council will not consider the prospects of the future condition of the tree and will only consider its current condition.

If you consider a tree to be imminently dangerous and there is a risk of causing life threatening injury, then please report the matter to the Public Health and Protection Section on 01443 425001 . At the time of making the report you must state why you think the tree is imminently dangerous and who it will affect if the whole tree or parts of the tree were to fall.

The council will not consider:-

  • Issues surrounding lack of light
  • Trees blocking view .
  • Issues with overhanging branches – unless dangerous.
  • Fruit or leaf issues including slippery surfaces or blocking drains.
  • Sticky ‘goo’ on cars.
  • Satellite/TV signal (It is up to the supplier to provide adequate signal, not the Council to prune or fell any healthy trees to allow a signal to be received)

Trees affecting a Highway

If there is a dangerous tree adjacent to the Highway then the Highway Section will investigate this matter. To report a dangerous tree on a Highway please contact 01443 425001 .

Highways will deal with trees in the following circumstances:

  • Trees obscuring vehicle sight line at junctions
  • Trees within head/ eye height on/ over footways
  • Trees fallen across the Highway/footpath

Dangerous Trees on Council Owned land

Dangerous trees on Council-owned land should be reported firstly to our Customer Services Team on 01443 425 001 they will then direct the query to the relevant Council department to be dealt  with as appropriate.

Ash Die Back

No national or regional Welsh Government or NRW guidance has been supplied to local authorities or land owners regarding `Ash Die Back` therefore we are dealing with every case on its own merit and crown reducing trees to a safe height which display significant die back and removing dangerous trees which are over 50% affected in accordance with the Tree Council recommendations – published in 2019.

We have started a program of tree works to address not only the Ash dieback but overhanging trees next to all of our major highway routes and street lighting

We will always address any individually identified dead, diseased and dangerous trees, including the specific Ash Die Back, ensuring to prioritise actions when identified as a highways or public safety risk.

Tree surveys have also commenced to identify trees of poor health or condition growing upon public open spaces.

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused by the temporary traffic management needed to complete the aforementioned work.

Continuing tree work along the major highways in the next few months aims to remove the worst of the affected Ash and any dead or diseased trees.

High Hedges

If your complaint is in relation to a high hedge please view our information below.