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Social Letting Agency

Rhondda Cynon Taf council are working with the Welsh Government on The Private Rented Leasing Scheme. This is a pilot scheme which aims to improve access to long-term affordable and good quality housing, with tenancy support in the private rented sector.

The scheme offers landlords a full property management package including repairs and maintenance with a guaranteed rental income even when the property is not occupied by a tenant.​

The Scheme will manage private rented properties on behalf of private landlords and ensure that suitable, sustainable and affordable housing allocations can be provided to clients with housing needs.

The Scheme service gives landlords the assurance of a long term rental income and also ensures that those in need of housing have access to the stock.

Key Benefits of the Council’s Social Lettings Agency:

  • Rent guarantee for 5 years
  • 5 year property lease
  • Tenancy Management
  • Housing Related Support
  • £2k Renovation Grant
  • Rents set at 90% LHA rate
  • Incentive to bring vacant properties back into use.

How the Council will work with Landlords

Landlords will be required to sign a five-year agreement with the Council and rent their property at local housing allowance rates for the duration of this agreement. The Council will then allocate each of these properties as part of its housing stock, with staff managing them on a day-to-day basis.

Landlords will still be required to register with Rent Smart Wales. The landlord will receive guaranteed monthly rent, set at the relevant LHA rate, for the period of the lease regardless of any voids.

At the end of the lease period and subject to fair wear and tear, the property will be returned in the same condition. A monthly management fee of 10% will be charged to the landlord and this will be paid when the guaranteed rent is paid to the landlord. Therefore the monthly fee to the landlord will be the relevant LHA rate less 10%.

Register your interest

If you are a Landlord or own a property in RCT and are interested in leasing your property with the council please contact or call 01443 281490