Gilfach Goch

Please see the table below, which outlines Council Tax Bands for Gilfach Goch.

If you don’t know the Valuation Band of your property you can find this out by visiting the Valuation Office Agency and using their simple postcode search.

Council tax Band Charges 2015/16 - Gilfach Goch
COMMUNITY AREABand ABand BBand CBand DBand EBand FBand GBand HBand I
  (£.p) (£.p) (£.p) (£.p) (£.p) (£.p) (£.p) (£.p) (£.p)
Gilfach Goch 1,027.41 1,198.64 1,369.88 1,541.11 1,883.58 2,226.05 2,568.52 3,082.22 3,595.92