Business Continuity

Important information on keeping your business or organisation running.

Do you run a business? If yes, do you have a business continuity plan to ensure that your business is prepared in the event of an emergency? Having a tried and tested plan will help to ensure that your business or organisation suffers the least possible disruption and continues to operate.

  • How would you continue to operate?
  • Do you provide a critical service to your customers?
  • Would it be ‘business as usual’?

Consider the following

  • If you cant keep contracted services running, what penalties may be imposed
  • What if you had a loss of power for 24 hours or more?
  • Loss of computers or telecommunications for a day, a week or longer
  • How would you be affected if your building was evacuated for a significant period of time
  • Have you an alternative building or premises to work effectively?
  • Can staff work from home?
  • How long can you manage without special software or stationery?
  • How long would it take you to replenish stocks?
  • What about loss of customer goodwill?
  • How would staff manage if you lost a quarter of them to an influenza pandemic? How would you prioritise the business?

Whilst the Council cannot write your business plans for you (after all you know your business better than anyone), we can offer general advice and provide you with relevant information and guidance.

The Council may however make a charge for individual work with a specific company.

Please download the Business Continuity leaflet at the bottom of this page for further information.

Further information or guidance

Further advice can be found in the useful site ‘London prepared’ with information for residents, visitors and businesses on London's preparations for, and responses to, major incidents and emergencies.

With regard to Pandemic Flu, see Cabinet office report highlighting checklists for businesses.

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