Licence - Explosive fireworks licence registration

The storage and sale of fireworks from wholesale, retail and other premises is controlled by the following:

No person may store or sell fireworks unless the occupier of the premises has Licensed or registered those premises with their Local Licensing Authority.

Licence and Registration Certification

In both cases is applicable to,

a) the keeping of fireworks for a period of 12 months, and

b) the supply and exposure for supply (sale & display) of them during designated fireworks periods i.e.

  • Chinese New Year - 3 days before and the first day of.
  • Diwali - 3 days before and the first day of
  • Guy Fawkes - 15th October - 10th November inc
  • New Year - 26th - 31st December inclusive

Fireworks may not be displayed or sold at any other time of the year


Application for a Licence or Registration of premises within Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council must be made to the Council -  Tel 01443 425001

A fee must be paid at the time the application is made. The current fee is;

Licence Fee

A new application £178

Renewal of an application £105

Registration Fee

A new application £83

Renewal of an application £52

Registration Net explosives content of fireworks - up to 250 Kg

Licensing Net explosives content of fireworks - from 250 Kg up to 2,000 Kg.

Where a new licence or registration is to be granted, it will be under the Manufacture and Storage of Explosives Regulations 2005, and will expire in12 months from the start date. e.g. A start date of 30 December 2005 will expire at midnight on 29 December 2006.

The Local Licensing Authority must receive any subsequent renewal application for a Licence or Registration before the expiry date of the previous one.

If there is a lapse of one day between one licence or registration and another, then it will be deemed to be a new application and subject to a new application fee.

Sale & Display outside Designated Fireworks Periods

If there is a desire to sell fireworks throughout the period of licence or registration, then an additional licence to supply and expose for supply (sale & display) will be required, and at a statutory cost of £500.

A person applying for this additional licence must already be in possession of a licence or registration certificate to keep fireworks at that particular premise.

An application for this additional licence can be obtained from the Local Authority.

General Sale of Fireworks

a) Fireworks may not be sold if a current licence/registration certificate has not been approved.

b) If a licence/registration to keep fireworks is current for the premises, then fireworks may not be sold outside the designated fireworks periods

c) Fireworks may not be sold to any person apparently under the age of 18 years.

d) Toy fireworks i.e. caps, cracker snaps, novelty matches, party poppers, serpents, and throw downs, must not be supplied to persons under the age of 16

e) Fireworks cannot be sold in the street or in any public place.

Offences and Penalties

a) If explosives/fireworks are kept on non-registered premises or if an offence is committed with respect to the quantity of explosives kept or the method of storage, the appropriate Court may impose, on conviction, a fine of £5,000, or more in some cases, and may order the explosives/fireworks to be forfeited.

b) Where a person is found guilty of an offence connected with the safe storage of explosives/fireworks the Courts may in some circumstances impose an unlimited fine or term of imprisonment.

c) A person found guilty of selling explosives/fireworks to a person apparently under the age of 18 years may on conviction be fined up to a maximum of £5,000.


If explosives/fireworks were to be kept during a period when a licence/registration had expired, and before a new application was approved, then the offence of keeping explosives/fireworks without licence or registration will have been committed, (see a) above).

Further Information

Copies of the legislation mentioned in this information sheet may be purchased from Her Majesty's Stationery Office.

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