Supplementary Planning Guidance

Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) is non-statutory guidance which supplies supporting information in respect of policies in a current or emerging local plan or national policy. It is a means of setting out more detailed thematic or site-specific guidance on how these policies will be applied.

The Council has prepared Supplementary Planning guidance on the following topics:

Supplementary Planning Guidance
No. Document Name Date of Publication
1 Design and Placemaking (SPG)| March 2011
The Historic Built Environment (SPG)| March 2011
3 Design in Town Centres (SPG)| March 2011
4 A Design Guide for Householder Development (SPG)|  March 2011
5 Affordable Housing (SPG)| March 2011
6 Nature Conservation (SPG)| March 2011
7 Planning Obligations (SPG)| March 2011
8 Access Circulation and Parking (SPG)| March 2011