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One4aLL Centres

One4aLL Centres provide a ‘one stop shop’approach to Council services, so that you can get access to advice and information, in person, in one simple visit without being passed from pillar to post!

Where are we?

We currently have five Centres located at:

Aberdare One4aLL Centre|


Aberdare One4aLL Centre|

Rock Grounds, High Street, Aberdare, CF44 7AE

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One 4 All Pontypridd|


Pontypridd One4aLL Centre|

Ty Sardis, Sardis Rd, Pontpridd, CF37 1DU

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One 4 All Porth|


Porth One4aLL Centre|

Ty Bronwydd, Bronwydd Avenue, Porth, CF39 9DL

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Treorchy One4aLL Centre|


Treorchy One4aLL Centre|

Treorchy Library, Station Road, Treorchy, CF42 6NN

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Pilot Mountain Ash Advice Service|


Pilot Mountain Ash Advice Service|

Mountain Ash Library, Knight Street, Mountain Ash, CF45 3EY

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What you can expect from a One4aLL Centre.

Wherever possible, our staff will try and answer your enquiry there and then.

It’s their job to put you first and make your dealings with the Council as simple as possible. 

We will:

  • Assist with the completion of application forms if you're not able to do so yourself
  • Verify documents that support your application.
  • Act as the ‘middle man’ between you and council departments.
  • Make referrals or appointments with our partner services

For more information on our service standards please see our Customer Care Charter|

What services are available at the One4aLL Centres?

We offer advice and information on a wide range of key Council services from reporting a broken streetlight to dealing with a Housing Benefit application.

In addition, we are constantly reviewing and expanding our services in response to customer feedback and demand.

Our main services currently include:
  • Council Tax and Housing Benefit
  • Business Rates
  • Making Council Payments
  • Bus Pass and Blue Badge Applications
  • RADAR Keys
  • Planning and Building Control
  • Domestic/Trade Waste & Recycling Services
  • Street Care & Environmental Services

What about specialist and partner services?

We also offer a range of specialist Council and partner services at some of our Centres.

Some of these services are available fulltime and others on a weekly basis in the morning or afternoon.

Some of the specialist and partner services currently on offer at the One4aLLs are:

Please note that specialist and partner services vary between Centres. Please click on the above links for latest surgery locations, days and times.