Housing Benefit - renewal

Once you have been awarded housing benefit, we will occasionally check to ensure that your circumstances have not changed. A working age claim should not be reviewed more than once every six months and a pensioner’s claim should not be reviewed more than once every three years. However, a case can be reviewed more frequently if the Council chooses to do so.

Why does the Council need to check that your circumstances have not changed?

We need to check that all the details we have about your circumstances are up to date so that we can be sure that you are receiving all the benefits you are entitled to.

By checking that the information we hold is up to date, we can make sure that the correct amount of benefit is paid to those who are entitled to assistance.

How will the Council contact you to check the correct amount of benefit is in payment?

Normally we will contact you in one of three ways:

  • By post
  • By visiting you at home
  • By telephone

If we are going to visit you at your home, we will write to you giving details of your appointment (although there may be times when an un-notified visit is made). If we visit you and you are not at home, the visiting officer will always leave a calling card with a contact number for you to ring and make another appointment.

What happens if you don’t respond to us?

If you do not contact us or provide us with the information we need, we will have to suspend and possibly cancel your benefit. We don’t want to do this, so please make sure you get in touch.

Contact Information

 Telephone: 01443 681081
Fax: 01443 680661
Minicom: 01443 680 708
Email: HousingBenefitEnquiries@rhondda-cynon-taff.gov.uk|



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