Website Statistics

In order to provide the best levels of service to our customer we regularly monitor the performance of our website.

We aim to achieve and maintain a high of standard whilst pro-actively improving information and services available on

We regularly monitor:

1) Availability

We monitor website availability every fifteen minutes and aim for an uptime percentage greater than 99%, this includes any downtime for planned maintenance during a given period.

The following graph shows our website "uptime" during the last period.


2) Customer Satisfaction

We regularly ask customers their views on our site, in order for us to identify areas that are performing well, and that can be improved upon based on customer’s needs and expectations.  

The following graph highlights information given by customers through our on-line surveys (SOCITM).


3) First Point Resolution

It is important that gives the information customer were looking for or complete their transactional request with no further interaction needed with the Council. This term is often referred to a “First Point Resolution” and is monitored monthly on this website.

The following graph highlights information given by customers through our on-line surveys on the success rate of their visit (SOCITM).


4) Website Compliance

Each quarter is regulated by an independent review panel (SiteMorse) to ensure compliance to national web standards.

This includes checks on… no broken links, an acceptable download speed of the homepage, accessibility etc.

The site is benchmarked against 22 Local Authorities in Wales and also UK covering England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and the Channel Islands. 

The following graphs highlights the sites compliance standards for Wales & the UK.

 SiteMorseQuarterlyRankingWales14-10  SiteMorseQuarterlyRankingUK14-10    


 5) Demand and Usage

The following graph(s) highlight the volume of unique visitors and pages viewed during the period to this website.


Note: We do not regularly monitor "page hits", as these figures do not always provide a true reflection of web usage and are not consistently benchmarked.