Street Based Youth Work - Support & Advice

The Detached Youth Work Team comprises street-based youth workers who contact and engage with young people in their own communities and social hang-out spots.

SFYP-blue-arrowsThe team’s flexibility and mobility makes it possible to develop positive relationships with those who, for a variety of often complex reasons, do not use centre-based provision, such as youth centres and E3+. The street is the main focus of their work.

Street work has no ultimate job description. This is because, in street work, success hinges on your ability to develop and sustain trust-based relationships with those you are working with, those who need our support.

As street workers, our aim is to help young people recognise their value as individuals, the power they have to influence their situation and their future.

We also help others recognise and respect the fundamental rights of those on the street. We do this by offering an alternative to the view of people on the street as `problems`. They are, first and foremost, people.

How we do it

Detached (street youth work)

The Detached Youth Work Team will spend around 3-4 evenings per week engaging and supporting young people out on the streets in their community. The time may vary to suit the needs of the young people, 6-9pm, 5-8pm and 4-7pm. All detached youth workers will have identification visibly on show. 

School Work

Detached youth workers have good relationships with various comprehensive schools in RCT and work in partnership to deliver issue based projects.

CEOP (child exploitation and online protection)

  • Various OCN`s
  • Drop-in sessions (for help and advice)
  • Mental Health
  • Sexual Health


The Detached Youth Work Team accepts referrals for one to one work from other professionals and youth organisations while also getting in self referrals from young people for extra support in their lives.


The nature of our work gives us the base to work in many different fields, giving us the scope to cover many interests and activities that young people would like to experience. These are a few examples of some of the projects we have delivered for young people in RCT:

  • Summer holiday programs
  • Sports programmes
  • Fun Days
  • Carbon Cycle/environment projects
  • Arts + Crafts
  • Graffiti projects
  • Community improvement
  • Skate / BMX tournaments


We fully consult and actively ask for feedback from young people about our service, we use the RCT viewpoint questionnaire to direct our work from the findings of what young people have made about our team.

On a recent inspection by the RCT Youth Inspection Team we were given a top mark of Excellent on how our team interacts, promotes and works with young people in RCT. This means the world to us and we are very proud to be supporting young people in RCT.

Further Information

  • How we can help you?
  • Who is the youth worker in your area?

Whatever your question is, get in touch on:

Office  – 01443 744000
Allyson Davies – Manager - 07786523706 
Les Davies – Deputy Manager - 07799132121