Pest Control

Council Pest Control Officers will deal with pests that are harmful to public health and could affect health and wellbeing. This work takes place in homes, Local Authority premises and the surrounding areas. The Council aim to deal with all pests within a period of two working days. 

The treatment for some pests at residential properties will incur a charge, while others will be treated for free (all fees are outlined in the tables below). Some pests will be dealt with more quickly depending on the type of pest and where they have been found.

There is no appointment system for the pest control service. Officers will endeavour to phone the client to make an appointment prior to calling. The Pest Control Officer will apply safe and effective treatments. If for any reason the problem persists they will return and make every effort to ensure the pest is eradicated.

Please note that from the 1st April 2015 the Council will be charging for all pest control treatments and this webpage will change to provide the appropriate information on the cost of booking treatments.

Report a pest control issue online

Report a Pest Control Issue

Report a pest control issue online now!

Use our online form to report a pest control issue online

Please note: We can only take online reports for pests in Residential properties where they do not attract a charge . Please refer to the information below for details of fees. Customers are asked to use the telephone for these pests.

Report a pest control issue by telephone

During office hours (8:30am - 5:00pm) - 01443 425001
For out of hours (before 8:30am and after 5:00pm) pest control issues deemed to be an emergency please call: 01443 424011.

Fees and Timescales

*Rats and Mice - Residential Properties

PestTimescalesCostReport Online / Phone
Live rat / mouse seen in the main living areas (e.g. lounge / bedroom / kitchen) 24 hours (emergency) Free Phone
Rats / mice suspected inside property (e.g. droppings seen / noises heard) 2 working days Free Phone
Rats or Mice Outside (Gardens) 2 working days Free  

Rats and Mice - Local Authority Premises (Inc Social Landlords-Vacant Properties)

Rats and Mice £84.70
All Insects (Inc Cockroaches and Wasps) £45.80

Insects Residential Properties

PestTimescaleCostReport Online / Phone
*Wasps 2 working days. Free Online
Bed Bugs 2 working days Free Online
Cockroaches 2 working days Free Online
Pharoah Ants May vary, specialist treatment required Individually priced Phone
Fleas - Domestic property 2 working days £45.80 Phone
Ants (Internal only - Not Pharoah) 2 working days £45.80 Phone
Flies 2 working days £45.80 Phone
Carpet Beetles 2 working days £45.80 Phone
*Bees The council is reluctant to carry out control measures for bees on environmental grounds, as they are so essential to the well being of the Welsh countryside. Please see further details on the treatment of bees below under the Further Information heading.

If the service required is not covered above contact us using the details below:

Pests not treated

We do not treat the following:

  • Ants (outside property)
  • Badgers (contact Wildlife Trust Wales: 01656 724100)
  • Bats (contact Wildlife Trust Wales: 01656 724100)
  • Caterpillars
  • Centipedes/Millipedes
  • Foxes (contact Wildlife Trust Wales: 01656 724100)
  • Moles
  • Moths
  • Pigeons
  • Psocids
  • Silverfish
  • Slugs
  • Snails
  • Snakes (contact Wildlife Trust Wales: 01656 724100)
  • Squirrels
  • Voles (contact Wildlife Trust Wales: 01656 724100)
  • Woodlice
  • Woodworm

Further information:

  • Additional charges will apply for extensive treatments or treatments undertaken outside normal office hours at request of the client.
  • Pest Control Officers will not enter loft spaces, climb onto flat or pitched roofs or use ladders as part of their pest control treatments. If a rodent dies in the property as a result of a rodent treatment , the responsibility to remove the carcass from the loft space and other inaccessible spaces lies with the house owner.
  • Permission must be granted by the home owner or tenant before treatments can be made.
  • Return visits within two weeks to re-treat are not chargeable.
  • *Rats and mice. We do not collect dead rats and mice.  Double bag the dead rat or mouse and put it in your wheelie bin or black bag rubbish.
  • *Wasps. In the spring the masonry bee is very active. They burrow into mortar joints in walls, in timber frames and in the ground. They look like a wasp but they are a bee. Masonry bees are protected insects and they are very important pollinators particularly in early Spring. The Council will not kill bees. Therefore wasp treatments will not commence until 1st June and will end approximately the 1st of October. Wasp nest treatments do not include removal of nest.
  • *Bees: The council is reluctant to carry out control measures for bees on environmental grounds, as they are so essential to the well being of the Welsh countryside. We have a policy to only destroy bees in extreme circumstances and where they constitute a credible threat of danger and risk to public health. If you have a swarm of bees on your property, they may just be resting and may move on in a day or so. The local Beekeepers Association may collect the swarm if it is safe and accessible to do so.  The local beekeepers association website is and there is a page specifically on swarming at . If you wish to report a swarm to the beekeepers association please report it to .  If the swarm is not accessible i.e. is within a chimney, destruction may be necessary but each case will be assessed on its own merits. Churches are dealt with under Residential rates.  

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