Pest Control

Rhondda Cynon Taff County Borough Council offer an effective Pest Control Service for a variety of pests (listed below) in domestic and local authority premises.

Please note: The council does not currently provide a Pest Control Service for commercial premises and businesses.

Treatable pests

Pest control
Pests we deal with: 
Rats Fleas
Mice Wasps
Cockroaches Ants
Bedbugs Carpet Beetles
Bees nest or swarm (inside residential property only)  

Bees (outside) - Contact
Bats - Contact Wildlife Trust Wales 01685 724100

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Costs and charges for domestic premises

Please note there is a charge for all pest control treatments in line with the fees in the table below:

Charges for domestic premises
PestNotesTotal inc VAT              

Maximum of three visits - if we are unable to get access on an agreed appointment, this is included as a visit.



Maximum of three visits - indoors only  - if we are unable to get access on an agreed appointment, this is included as a visit.



Single treatment


Fleas, Wasps, Carpet Beetles and Bees

Single treatment
Bees nest or swarm - inside treatment only



Single treatment, indoors only



Costs and charges for Local Authority premises

Local Authority Departments requiring treatment need to book by calling 01443 425001 and an appropriate invoice will be issued.

Cost and charges for Local Authority premises
Pest Notes  Total including VAT

Up to a maximum of three visits



Single treatments apart from cockroaches which may require a maximum of three visits


Registered Social Landlords requiring treatment of empty residential properties or communal areas of sheltered accommodation

Landlords requiring treatment need to book by calling 01143 425001 and an appropriate invoice will be issued.

Cost and charges for Landlords
Pest Notes  Total including VAT

Up to a maximum of three visits



Single treatments apart from cockroaches which may require a maximum of three visits


Booking a treatment at a domestic premises

All domestic treatments require payment up front by the following means:

  • Make an online booking for Pest Control here with a credit or debit card


  • Payment over the phone with a credit or debit card by calling 01443 425001
  • Payment by credit /debit card or cash at an RCTCBC One for all Centre

What happens next after booking a treatment?

On paying online you will receive an email confirming the details of the pest control service booked, including information on how to cancel the visit and the implications of missing an appointment..

The Council aims to carry out all Pest Control Visits within 2 working days and you will be telephoned to arrange a suitable date to visit. The Council's Pest Control Officer will visit between 9.00am and 16.00pm Monday to Friday. Arrangements to visit will be made for am or pm only, according to the day and the location within the Borough.

We have a limited number of Operatives and they will try their hardest to keep their appointments with you - we would be grateful if you would do the same. Should you be unable to keep an appointment please let us know by calling 01443 425001 as soon as possible to arrange a suitable alternative appointment.

Missed appointments

Please note: If you miss an agreed pest control appointment a calling card will be left at your property and this will count as one of your visits. With regards to single treatment visits, if two visits are missed, your treatment will be cancelled - further treatment will be charged as per the costs above.

For treatments of rats, mice and cockroaches there are a maximum of 3 visits. Any missed pre–arranged appointment will count as a visit.


Cancellations with a full refund can only be made prior to the visit of the Pest Control Officer by calling 01443 425001. If a Pest Control Officer calls at your property following a pre arranged booking then no refund can be made

Advice on Pest Control Treatments

For advice on identification and treatment of various pests please visit the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) via the following link BPCA website 

Further information

  • Pest Control Officers will not: enter loft spaces, climb onto flat or pitched roofs or use ladders as part of their pest control treatments. If a rodent dies in the property as a result of a rodent treatment, the responsibility to remove the carcass from the property, loft space and other inaccessible spaces lies with the house owner. If accessible the carcass can be double bagged and disposed of via the general waste collection.
  • Wasps: In the spring the masonry bee is very active. They burrow into mortar joints in walls, in timber frames and in the ground. They look like a wasp but they are a bee. Masonry bees are protected insects and they are very important pollinators particularly in early Spring. The Council will not kill bees. Therefore wasp treatments will not commence until 1st June. Wasp nest treatments do not include removal of the nest.
  • Bees: The council is reluctant to carry out control measures for bees on environmental grounds, as they are so essential to the well being of the Welsh countryside. The Council will only consider treatment for a bees nest or swarm inside a residential property where there is a risk to public health. If you have a swarm of bees on your property, they may just be resting and may move on in a day or so. The local Beekeepers Association may collect the swarm if it is safe and accessible to do so.  The local beekeepers association website is and there is a page specifically on swarming at . If you wish to report a swarm to the beekeepers association please report it to . 
  • Insect Treatments: Please assist Pest Control Officers by clearing the affected floor space of any unnecessary clutter or mobile items. It would also help if you vacuumed the floor prior to the visit and suitably disposed of the bagged contents to prevent any further infestation.