Adult Carers - Support and Advice

Adult Carer

A carer is a person who is unpaid (except for being in receipt of a Carer's Allowance) and looks after or supports someone else (perhaps a relative, friend or neighbour) who needs help with their day-to-day life, because of:

  • Their age
  • A long-term illness
  • Disability
  • Mental ill health or
  • Substance misuse

The term ‘carer’ does not include anyone who:

  • Receives payment either in cash or in another way for the care they provide
  • Works as a volunteer on behalf of a voluntary organisation  

What is "Caring"?

Four inspirational RCT Council Carers have created unique digital stories to explain more about life as a carer and the valuable roles they carry out.

Each of the stories is very different, as are each of our carers. It is hoped that by sharing with you their very real experiences, it will offer support, maybe allow you to find out things you never knew before and, more importantly, celebrate just how special each and every one of our carers is.

Kyle is a Young Carer he says: "My family care for me, my friends care for me, I care for them." Enjoy his digital story.

Tina is a Young Adult Carer who has cared for both of her parents and is known as "the miracle child" for more than one good reason! Enjoy her digital story.

Sue and her husband care for each other. She says "We look after each other, we support each other". Watch her lovely digital story here

Wendy is a parent carer and dedicates her time to her daughter, Emily, 21, who has Down's Syndrome. "It's not catching", Wendy says. Enjoy her digital story here

How we can help

We value the role that carers play and recognise that they too may need help and support to continue to care, such as providing information, advice or counselling or more practical help for the carer and the person for whom they care.

Our Carers A-Z provides a quick reference guide to the services and support available to carers locally and nationally. To find out what support is available to you, please read our guide and our regular newsletters for up-to-date information.

Before we provide any services, we will assess the needs of the person being cared for and those of the carer (if they are caring on a ‘regular and substantial‘ basis). Assessments provide carers with an opportunity to discuss how they are feeling and what services are available that might make caring easier. The process helps us to ensure that we fully understand your situation, that you’re eligible to receive our support and helps us plan how to support you in what you want to do.

If you are not happy with the outcome of your assessment, you have the right to appeal.  More information about the appeal process is given in related documents. 

If you have anything to say about any of our services, contact the main office in your area.  If you have a complaint which cannot be resolved informally, or is of a sufficiently serious nature, there is a a formal complaints process. More information about our complaints procedure is given in related documents. 

Respite care / short breaks is a service for both carers and the people for whom they care

Respite care services look after a dependent person temporarily so that their carer can have a break. Such breaks should provide a positive experience for both the person cared for and the carer, to enhance the quality of their lives and support their relationship. Services may cover any period from a few hours to a few weeks.

Supporting young people to care

We also help young carers, under the age of 18.  More information is available in related documents or contact our Young Carers Assessment and Development Worker ( telephone 01443 668839 ) or see ‘Young Carers – support and advice’ in related documents.

Contacting Us

TheRhondda Cynon Taf Carers Support Project offers free support to carers
Freephone CarersLine: 0808 100 1801  

There are other  organisations working to support carers by providing information or practical help. 
We can give further information about them.

If you or the person you care for needs help from Social Services, telephone and ask to speak to a member of our First Response Service .
Telephone 01443 425003

Our Emergency Out of Hours Team provides an emergency response to a social care crisis outside of normal office hours, on bank holidays and at weekends.
Telephone 01443 743665