Out of hours social services support

Our Emergency Duty Team provides help in a crisis to vulnerable adults, children in need and their families.   An emergency is something that cannot safely wait until the next working day. 

The service is available when local daytime offices have closed. They are on duty:

  • between 5pm and 8.30am on weekdays (Monday to Thursday)
  • at weekends from 4.30pm Friday to 8.30am the following Monday 
  • during public holidays (24 hours)

We often work in partnership with other agencies, such as health and the police, to provide an out-of-hours service.

Our priorities are:

  • child protection concerns raised by members of the public and other agencies
  • people with mental health problems who may be at risk to themselves or others
  • older people who are extremely vulnerable and may be unable to cope alone in the community
  • people with a disability who need urgent access to services
  • families in crisis
  • working with the police to help vulnerable adults and young people that offend

We provide a contact point for children and young people at risk of immediate family breakdown, to avoid them going into public care.

Our staff also provide mental health crisis support to carers and families.

We are often able to advise, guide or redirect people to other help available.

Our aim is to keep older people and other vulnerable adults in their own communities and, where possible, avoid using residential or nursing care.

In partnership with health colleagues, we can carry out assessments, arrange short-term care packages and find home carers in an emergency.

When you call us, an experienced and qualified social worker will answer your call, discuss your problem with you and find out how urgent it is.

If absolutely necessary, we can also make essential assessment visits.

We give priority to the most urgent and high-risk situations.   Where possible we aim to assist and enable callers to identify family or local solutions to difficulties. 

How you can contact us

Remember, we are only available to deal with social services emergencies that arise outside normal office hours.

You can telephone us on 01443 743665


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