Community Alarm (Lifeline) and Telecare Services

Using community alarms and/or telecare technology can help people of any age and ability to live independently, safely and securely in their own home.  It also gives family and friends peace of mind that they can be contacted in an emergency.  Additionally, carers pagers can be provided which alert live-in carers only when help is needed allowing them precious respite from their caring role.


What equipment is available?

In Rhondda Cynon Taf, we have 3 options available for you to choose from depending on your needs.

All 3 options include the provision of equipment, installation, full maintenance and breakdown cover as well as being linked via a Lifeline Unit to our 24 hour monitoring centre.

Our friendly staff are available at any time day or night to answer your call and will offer reassurance to you while they contact the best person to help, a neighbour, relative or friend, or the emergency services.


 Lifeline pendant to press for assistance


Option 1 is our Lifeline Service and is available to all residents of  Rhondda Cynon Taf on a self referral basis Telephone: 01443 425090

For a small weekly charge, community alarms allow you to call for help at any time of the day or night should you feel unwell or have a fall. The alarm consists of a base unit that connects to your phoneline and a shower proof button which can be worn on a pendant or wristband which you can press to call for assistance.   

 Carbon Monoxide detector which automatically alerts the monitoring centre if CO2 emissions are detected in the home.  

Option 2 is the Lifeline Home safety package which can detect fires, floods and carbon monoxide by placing several detectors around your home and is also available to all residents of  Rhondda Cynon Taf on a self referral basis Telephone: 01443 425090
The detectors when activated will automatically call our 24 hours response centre for emergency assistance, ensuring you and your home are protected even when your are asleep or not at home.
 Epilepsy sensor which detects a seizure at night  

Option 3 is our Safe at Home Service consisting of equipment (detectors or sensors) placed around the home that may be installed based on your individual needs, this equipment is known as Telecare.

When activated, the telecare sensors automatically alert the monitoring centre staff (or live-in carer) offering reassurance to both the person in need and their loved ones.

For more information Telephone 01443 239104 or see the fact sheets on the right.


There are a wide range of telecare sensors available including fall detectors, epilepsy sensors, enuresis detectors, bed/chair occupancy sensors, wandering alarms,  smoke detectors, extreme temperature sensors, gas sensors, carbon monoxide detectors and  bogus caller buttons

For more information about each piece of equipment, how it works and who it is suitable for, please see the fact sheetson the right.

How does the service work?

When a telecare detector is activated or you press your pendant, a call is made automatically to our RCT monitoring centre based in Williamstown, Rhondda. The operators can view your details on screen, also the type and location of the detector that has activated the call, this enables them to take the most appropriate action, whether that is providing advice or reassurance, contacting a family member, neighbour, doctor or even the emergency services.   

1. press button  2. or sensor raises alert  3. lifeline unit alerts monitoring centre  4. operator speaks to you via the Lifeline unit  5. Operator arranges appropriate assistance

Can telecare help carers?

 Carers Pager which alerts carer when help is needed.  

Yes, if you are someone caring for a family member or friend and live in the same home, we can supply a carers pager, instead of, or as well as a lifeline unit. 

The portable pager will alert you if any of the sensors around the home are activated, so that you are able to respond quickly in an emergency.

For more informationTelephone 01443 239104  or seefact sheet 15on the right.

Image of Just Checking System


We also have available a system called 'Just Checking'which consists of room sensors that detect movement and record readings on a website with secure access.  Viewing the activity readings enables carers and/or social care staff to accurately assess how a person living independently is coping on a day to day basis, giving a better insight on how best to provide support.

The system is free to use and can be left at a property for approximately 2 weeks (permission must be given by the person being monitored prior to installation).

For more information Telephone 01443 239104or see fact sheet 19on the right.

Is there a cost for the service?

 Image of coins

We ask for a small contribution to the service which includes the provision of equipment, installation, full maintenance and breakdown cover as well as being linked through a Lifeline Unit to our 24-hour monitoring centre.

Charges for Telecare services will apply to the entire duration that equipment is installed, including occasions when a property may be left empty for a period of time.  Only when equipment has been uninstalled will charges cease.

Further information

For more information about telecare:

Safe AT Home Service
Unit 5 – 6 Green Park,
Coedcae Lane Industrial Estate,
Pontyclun RCT
CF72 9GP
Telephone 01443 239104Email:


For more information about Lifeline:

Contact Centre
Ty Elai, Dinas Isaf East,
Tonypandy, RCT
CF40 1NY
Telephone: 01443 425090


Other useful contacts

If you think you or someone you care for needs help from Social Services, contact our First Response TeamTelephone: 01443 425003
Email: (non emergencies only)

If you are an unpaid carer needing help, support or advice contact our Carers Support Project
Telephone: 0808 100 1801

Our Emergency Out of Office Service provides an emergency response to a social care crisis outside of normal office hours, on bank holidays and at weekends.
Telephone: 01443 743665