Disabled Children and Young People - Activity support

Disabled ChildThe aim of the service is to allow disabled children and young people, aged 0 – 18 years the opportunity to access activities of their own choice within their own communities to enable them to be part of their community and amongst their peers. 

The service comprises of four specific areas as follows:

Sure start

This team operates in partnership with RCT Early Years and Childcare Sure start Team. Two full time Community Support Workers provide time-limited support to children and the families of disabled children under the age of 4.

Family Support

The Service offers children and young people the opportunity to access local community based activities of their choice with the aide of a Community Support Worker, assisting them to achieve their personal goal or objective/s. This support is normally set over a longer period, with a view of long-term objectives such as social integration, independence, building confidence etc.

1 in 7 / Transition - Support

This is a time-limited support aimed at young people reaching adulthood. This service works on developing skills, normally around independent living skills such as using money, using public transport etc.

Holiday Support

A service available to children and young people in holiday periods only. This service is unique to those who need extra or additional support in holiday periods, such as children & young people who may be attending a residential school or college. This follows the same aims as the Family Support Service.

To access this service, referrals are made by the Disabled Children’s Team,
Ty Trevithick
Mountain Ash,
CF45 4UQ,
Telephone 01443 425006