My Maps Guidance

We have produced these guidance notes on how to use our My Maps facility to find information and services local to your area.  My Maps can be used to browse your local area while viewing various Council mapping layers such as recycling facilities, leisure centres, libraries and more. 

Alternatively, you use use our Find My Nearest facility which gives you quicker access to Council facilities in your area for customers who do not require more detailed views on a map.

Address SearchingSearch

The starting point for most customers would be to locate their area of interest.  You can do this by searching for an address.  As the facility states, you can use a postcode, placename or full address to find a property or location of interest.

For performance reasons, search results are limited to 50 properties, so you may need to be more specific in your search criteria to return a property of interest.  It's worth mentioning that you can use a combination of house number and postcode as a valid search i.e. 8 CF39 1AA will return just one property on that postcode.

Once you perform a search for a property, you will be presented with a list that matched your search criteria.  Simply select the property your interested from the list to make the map zoom into that particular property.

Selecting mapping layersMapping Layer Categories

You can select any number of Council layers that we have available, by selecting the tick box alongside each Category.

On doing so, all the mapping layers within the Category will automatically load into the mapping layers onto the map.  The symbols shown in the Show Map Layers will correspond to those shown on the map.

You can remove these mapping layers by clicking the tickbox again to toggle visibility.




Moving and Zooming Maps

Zoom OptionsThere are a number of ways you can move and zoom the map.  On each map, there will be the Move and Zoom control picture on the right.

You can use the directional arrows for moving the map around.  As for zooming, you can either use the "+" or "-" buttons, or simply click and drag the slider to your desired zoom level.

A quicker way to move the map is to simply click and drag the map from one location to another.  If your computer mouse has a wheel on it, you can simply use the wheel to zoom and in and out of the map.  You can also double click the left mouse button to perform a zoom.

Selecting map objects

At any time while using My Maps, you can click on a mapping object to find out more information about it.  Where more than map object exists at a point then once the object(s) have been clicked, information regarding both objects will be displayed at the same time.  For example, Tonyrefail Library and Tonyrefail Leisure Centre are both the same building, so will both be shown on a map at the same location.

Mapping Overview


We are interested to hear your views on our My Maps facility, so please send your comments or compliments to