Planning - Pre-application advice

Do I need planning permission?

Changes were made in Wales, from 1 October 2013, which extended further the Permitted Development Rights for householder projects. This means that some alterations to a house and garden do not need to have full planning permission.  The requirement for when Building Regulations| apply has not changed.

There are a number of things to take into consideration, and the Planning Portal (the UK Government Planning website) has user-friendly guidance| and an Interactive House| and Interactive Terrace| for you to check your project against.

Online Interactive Guidance

The interactive guidance| will take you through the steps needed to find out if the project you are considering would need permission.  Alternatively, you can read the Welsh Government's document Planning: a guide for |householders.|

If you are still unsure whether your project would need permission, we recommend that you submit an application| for full planning permission and if it is assessed as not requiring full permission, we will issue a Certificate of Lawfulness instead.

Lawful Development Certificate

A Lawful Development Certificate will provide you with a definitive answer that planning permission is not required, is legally binding and should be kept safely with your other building related paperwork for when you come to sell your house.  It will provide peace of mind that your project did not need full permission, and could prevent unnecessary delays. 

The fee for a Lawful Certificate is 50% of the fee for a full application, and the difference will be refunded if full permission is not required.

If, after reviewing all the information, you are sure your project doesn’t need permission, but you would like the assurance that a Certificate of Lawfulness provides, you can apply for one using the form called Application for Lawful Development Certificate (Proposed),| or online through the Planning Portal.|