Licence - Private Hire Vehicle (MiniCab)

Private Hire Vehicles must be licensed by the Licensing Authority and must at all times display a blue plate on the rear of the vehicle, a smaller internal plate, and a blue triangle sticker on each front door; all displaying the vehicle's plate number. Once licensed a private hire vehicle is always a private hire vehicle until the licence expires.

Private Hire Vehicles cannot apply for hire in the street or at taxi ranks. Journeys must be pre-booked, normally by phone or in person at an office. Failure to do so is an offence and invalidates the vehicle's insurance cover. The Council does not regulate fares for private hire vehicles - the cost of a journey should normally be agreed with the company before the journey.

Private Hire drivers must be licensed by the Council and wear an ID badge issued by the Council, which includes his/her photograph.

New licences will only be granted on vehicles that are under five years old from the date of first registration, recorded on the vehicles V5 logbook and that licence may be renewed until the vehicle becomes 10 years old (provided that all the licences run consecutively), and the vehicle must be white in colour.

Before a vehicle is licensed it must pass a test/inspection at the authorities testing depot to ensure its safety. Also the vehicles must be suitably and adequately insured for private hire/carriage of passengers and goods for hire or reward to ensure high standards of safety.

A licensed private hire vehicle cannot accept any bookings unless the driver holds or works for a licensed private hire operator. Details of how to apply for a private hire operator’s licence can be found on the link below

How to apply

Application forms can be requested by contacting us on the details below

To apply for a private hire vehicle licence complete the application form, then make an appointment to visit our offices, bringing with you the proposed vehicle and the following documentation:

  • The completed application form
  • Vehicle V5 log book document/bill of sale
  • Current insurance certificate or cover note of insurance covering the vehicle for "public and/or private use" for you and/or your drivers
  • MOT Certificate (if applicable)
  • The required fee (see below)

If the licence is issued it will be subject to conditions, which can be obtained by contacting us on the details below


For details of costs please consult the Taxi charges document which can be found under related documents.

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