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Subject to availability, when places on a vehicle are made available under this provision, they will be charged at a flat rate per learner. The charge from September 2016 is £285 per year or £95 per year for those in receipt of free school meals.

View details on free school meals and how to take up the entitlement.

Parents will be required to confirm if they are, or will be in receipt of Free School Meals during the period that transport is required. Please note that all submissions will be checked to ensure that the correct information is submitted.

Charges are capped for families with more than two children using Home to School Transport so that no charge is made for the third child or beyond.

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The completion of an application form does not guarantee that you will be sold a seat. Seats can only be sold subject to availability, and are sold on a first come first served basis, with requests only considered once we know the number, if any, that are available.

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