Will I be charged for commercial waste collection?

Although we have a duty to charge for the collection and disposal of commercial waste we have decided to encourage the recycling of this waste. We have introduced substantially lower charges for waste that is separated for recycling compared to the charges for waste that has to be landfilled. We also collect cardboard free of charge provided it is bundled and is not mixed with other materials such as polystyrene or plastic film.

The recycling measures we have introduced allow you to dispose of your waste more responsibly and at a much-reduced cost.

What are the charges?

We collect commercial waste once a week. If you use a wheelie bin we charge you a fixed amount each week depending on the size of bin you have. The weekly charge goes up as the size of bin increases. If you have more than one wheelie bin you will be charged for each bin in line with the charges listed below.

The cost of a wheelie bin covers the collection and disposal of the waste you produce, there is no additional administration or rental charge.

Cost per week
Wheelie bin capacity (litres)Cost per week
240 £9.35
660 £21.40
1100 £33.20
Waste bags
Commercial waste bagsCost
Brown trade bags (per bag) £2.00 per bag
Brown trade bags (per box of 200 inc delivery) £407.75
Blue trade recycling bags £0.35 per bag
Blue trade recycling bags (per box of 200 inc delivery) £77.75
Please note trade waste is outside the scope of VAT. The cost of commercial waste bags again covers the collection and disposal of the waste you produce.

If you decide you need a wheelie bin for your waste please make sure you have a place to store it as you will be responsible for its safe keeping. If any bins are stolen, burnt or seriously damaged (other than by damage caused when our operatives empty them) we will charge you for a new bin. For details of how much a replacement bin will cost please contact us on the number below.

How do I pay?


If you use bags please send your order including a cheque, payable to ‘Rhondda-Cynon-Taf CBC’ for the full amount to: 

The Service Director for Streetcare

Rhondda Cynon Taf Streetcare Services,

Ty Glantaf

Unit B23, Treforest Industrial Estate
CF37 5TT

Tel: 01443 425001
Fax: 01443 827730

Please note we will only deliver complete boxes of 200 bags.


If you decide to use wheelie bins we will invoice you in advance for our wheelie bin service and the invoice period will depend on your total annual bill. For further details please contact us on the details below.

Why aren’t these charges included in my Business Rates?

Business rates allow businesses to operate but do not include any charge for waste collection or disposal. Waste charges are not included as you have the choice of using our collection services or using a service provided by an authorised, private contractor.

How can I arrange a collection for large or heavy commercial waste items?

If you have large or heavy items you need to dispose of, please contact us using our contact details at the end of this page. Once we know where you are and know the items you need to have collected, we will give you a price to remove those items. We will base the price of collection and disposal on the time it will take, the size of vehicle we will require and the disposal costs we will incur.

If you agree to the price we will arrange to call and collect the waste.

When you contact us, please give us the following details:

  • your name
  • the name of business
  • the address of the business including postcode
  • the full invoice address including postcode
  • your telephone number
  • details of the items you need to dispose of

Help us improve - don't include personal or financial information, e.g. your National Insurance number or credit card details.