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Continuous Improvement

The Council is under a statutory obligation to follow a path of continuous improvement to achieve the principles set out in the Wales Programme for Improvement, in line with government regulations and directions. The Nominated Supplier/Supplier will be actively involved in this process and will jointly with the Council develop a process of ensuring such continuous improvement in relation to this Agreement (whether by benchmarking or otherwise) based on the principles set out in this clause.

The objectives of the principles set out in the Wales Programme for Improvement will include the following criteria: -

  • Compliance with response times to meet Authority’s delivery requirements
  • Receipt/accuracy of invoices
  • Number of complaints made against the Nominated Supplier/Supplier
  • Council satisfaction
  • Product Quality
  • Prices and discounts

In addition to monitoring the performance of the Nominated Supplier/Supplier the Council believes that negotiations must take place between the parties to ensure that minimum changes in specifications, conditions, methods and Prices are introduced to exploit new products / technology and to enable the Nominated Supplier/Supplier to meet new and revised requirements or unforeseen changes in circumstances.

The Nominated Supplier/Supplier is required to search actively for new and innovative methods of providing the goods/Services during the term of this Contract and are also required to participate in joint value management exercises for the purpose of securing improvements in standards, methods and value for money as required by the Council.

The Nominated Supplier/Supplier may be required to attend periodic performance review meetings to discuss the criteria listed above. 

Without prejudice to the foregoing provisions of this clause the Nominated Supplier/Supplier will provide as part of the contract such information, documentation and assistance as the Council may reasonably require from time to time in order to enable the Council to discharge its duty under the principles set out in the Wales Programme for Improvement and related legislation, regulations, guidance and best practice in relation to the contract including information, documentation and assistance in relation to the development of the Council’s performance plan and in the conduct of Service reviews in relation both to the contract and to any other Services or activities which directly or indirectly relate to, are dependent on or are affected by the contract. In addition the Council will be entitled to monitor and undertake an ongoing review of the Nominated Supplier/Supplier’s performance against the principles set out in the Wales Programme for Improvement.