In June 2019, the Council will be starting a six month trial of food waste collections from our existing trade recycling customers.  This will not only result in you making potential significant savings, but also knowing that your food waste is being recycled.

Customers who recycle a lot of food may see savings of over £8 a week, that is over £400 a year! 

For example:

  • Collection of one 240 trade waste bin will cost £9.10 a week
  • Collection of three large trade food bags will cost £1.05 a week

We require participating customers to put out at least 1 bag a week and to comply with the disposal requirements.  Trade food recycling bags are 35p each. They can be purchased online in rolls of 25 bags (£8.75 per roll plus £7.75 delivery charge).  Alternatively smaller amounts including individual bags can be purchased at your local library.

For customers producing a lot of food waste, we can offer a free 240 litre storage receptacle for the food trade waste bags.  This bin however should only be half filled to the fill line (due to weight restrictions) and only contain food waste in our food trade waste bags.  Overfilled bins and bins containing loose food will not be collected and customers may be withdrawn from the trial.  However please note that the following items will not be accepted:

  • Food packaging
  • Bones
  • Animal Carcasses

On conclusion of the trial, the Council may decide to fully implement trade waste food collections.  At this point, customers who mainly produce food waste may wish to transfer their general waste to food waste.  


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