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Staff Benefits Privacy Notice


How we use your personal information for the administration and processing of the RCT Staff Benefits schemes

The Council provides services for local communities and the people who live in them.  Undertaking this work means that we must collect and use information about the people we provide services to and keep a record of those services. Because we collect and use personal information about individuals we must make sure that they know what we intend to do with their information and who it may be shared with. 

We have summarised in this privacy notice some of the key ways in which we use your personal information for the administration and processing of the RCT Staff Benefits Schemes. This information should be read in conjunction with the Council’s corporate privacy notice Council’s corporate privacy notice.

1.    Who we are, what we do.

The RCT Staff Benefits Schemes are administered by the Workforce Development Team within Human Resources. All RCT staff can access a benefits package as part of their employment contract.

RCT use a third party supplier, I-COM Works, to host a web based system which enables staff to access a full range of staff benefits. From this system, staff can be directed to other websites of companies offering salary sacrifice staff benefits scheme e.g. Tusker for cars, Halfords for bicycles and Let’s Connect for technology and Salary Finance for financial wellbeing.

Staff can also download a virtual discount card (Vectis) which gives a range of discounts and lifestyle offers such as discounts at high street stores and restaurants.

2.    What and whose personal information we hold

The types of information we hold and process will typically include:

  • Personal details e.g. name, address, date of birth, National Insurance Number
  • Contact details e.g. telephone number and email address
  • Financial e.g. salary information
  • Payroll number

The information held and processed is for employees and workers only.

3.    Where does the service get my information from?

The initial payroll number, required for validation purposes, is downloaded from RCT’s integrated HR/Payroll system.

All other information used during the staff benefits process has been input into the relevant staff benefits websites by each member of staff when applying for a product and this information is then collated and sent to the Human Resources Department in RCT.

4.    What we will do with your personal information?

The information we receive will be used to approve an application by a member of staff applying for a product under the staff benefits schemes.

Staff records are used to check eligibility for salary sacrifice schemes.  For example Payroll will carry out a check in order to ensure employees and workers do not go below National Minimum Wage when payments are deducted, to process payments to the scheme and to purchase goods.  We will also check if the member of staff is subject to any contractual changes or whether they have recently given in their notice to leave the organisation.

Third parties organisations do not receive this information, they are just advised whether it is appropriate to proceed with the transaction.

5.    What is the legal basis for the use of this information?

Data Protection law says that we are allowed to use and share personal information only where we have a proper and lawful reason for doing so. Our lawful bases for processing personal information for staff benefits are as follows:

Legitimate interests – The Council have a legitimate interest to offer benefit packages and salary sacrifice schemes to its staff members.

Legal obligation – As an employer, RCTCBC has a duty under National Minimum Wage legislation to ensure that any deductions do not put an individual below national minimum wage.

6.    Does the service share my personal information with any other organisation?

For the Service to undertake its duties in relation to the Staff Benefits, we are required to share information with the following:

Other Council departments:

  • Payroll

Other Organisations (as mentioned in 1):

  • I-COM Works
  • Tusker
  • Halfords
  • Let’s Connect
  • Vectis
  • Salary Finance

 7.    How long will my information be kept?

The information held will be kept for the term of the relevant staff benefits contract between the provider and the member of staff. Financial records will be kept for seven years. 

8.    Your information, your rights

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives you important rights, including the right to access the personal information the services hold about you.

View further details on your information rights and how to exercise them.  

9.    Contact us

If you have any concerns or would like to know more about how the service using your personal information please contact us in one of the following ways:

By email :

By telephone : 01443 570041

In writing : Municipal Buildings, Gelliwastad Road, Pontypridd CF37 2DP