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Don’t let burglars have easy access to your home

As the weather starts to get warmer people are more likely to leave their doors and windows open to ventilate their properties. Walk-in burglaries do increase during this time, so don’t be complacent.

If you cannot see the door or window then it should be shut and locked. If you are out enjoying your garden, remember to shut and lock all windows on the front of your property.

  1. Enjoy your Easter break but make sure your home looks lived in if you go away.
  2. Use timer switches on lights to make your home look occupied in the evenings.
  3. If possible leave a car in your driveway or ask a neighbour to park their car on your driveway whilst you’re away.
  4. Ask a neighbour to check on your home while you’re away and move any post out of sight.
  5. Cancel any regular deliveries such as milk and newspapers.
  6. If you have a lawn cut it before you go away and trim back any bushes or shrubs that burglars could hide behind.
  7. Lock away any valuable items such as pedal cycles – they may be safer in your home than in an outhouse or shed.

For further crime prevention advice please refer to https://www.securedbydesign.com/ on line.


Protect your bike

Mark the frame of your bike with your postcode and house number using a UV pen (Ultra Violet) or tamper proof label. Keep details of the frame number, make, model and type of bike and also take a photograph. Register your bike on https://www.immobilise.com/  - a free online property database which the police use to check stolen property. Never leave your bike unlocked – even if you’re just popping into the newsagents for a couple of minutes. The best kind of lock is a quality solid steel D-shaped shackle lock. Always lock your bike to something solid like a lamp post or railings, preferably in a public area. If you have a quick release wheel, take off your front wheel and lock it to the frame and back wheel. If you have a pump or detachable lights, take them with you when you leave your bike. Make sure you have adequate insurance cover for your bike


Secure Your car

Don’t leave valuables in your car – even if you know that the bag on the front seat is empty, a thief may still try their luck.

Remove your Sat Nav and its holder from your car; don’t leave it in the glove box as this is the first place a thief will look and make sure you wipe away any suction markers from the holder.  Remember to shut your windows and sunroof when you leave your car. 

Use an approved steering lock and gear clamp. Set your immobiliser and alarm if you have one fitted. 


Keep your garden equipment and tools safe

  1. Keep you shed securely locked by using strong hasp and shackle padlock.
  2. Use coach bolts or non-return screws to secure door hinges, hasp and staples.
  3. Always put away gardening equipment, tools, and furniture when you've finished using them.
  4. Keep your garden fences in good repair and consider having a trellis on the top to discourage anyone climbing over.



Posted on 22/03/2019