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Urban Residents and Rural Communities in RCT and Merthyr are being blighted by large numbers of illegal off road vehicles causing a noise nuisance, damaging fencing and leaving gates open. This is creating a situations where local live stock could stray onto busy highways resulting in serious consequences. From January 2018 to December 2018 there were 452 reported incidents of off road vehicles illegally being driven.

Where is it illegal to drive your off-road vehicle?
On any land, where the land owner hasn’t given you permission. This includes:

• Common land / Moorland / Footpaths / Bridleways

• Restricted byways / Canal tow paths

• Disused railway lines

• Roads, including Green Lanes that are classified as roads if you haven’t got a driving licence, insurance, tax, MOT and if the bike doesn’t have number plates

• Roads Used as Public Paths (RUPPS)


Officers have the power to seize vehicles where they have grounds to do so under Section 165A of the Road Traffic Act 1988, in addition to potentially being prosecuted. Officers can also issue Section 59 Notices, if you are caught driving on land without the land owner’s permission. If you receive two notices in 12 months then your vehicle will be seized, and you will have to pay to have it returned. If you don’t pay, then it will be crushed.

Where to ride legally

BWL MX Track. Ynysybwl, RCT. 

Cefn Parc Motocross Track. Bridgend

Foreshore MXC. Cardiff 

Cwm Aberbeeg. Abertillery    

Battle MX Brecon  Tel: 07500043672





Posted on 22/03/2019