Performance Reports are prepared every quarter. These reports enable officers and Councillors to monitor and scrutinise progress of all Council priorities and services.

Why we monitor performance

We monitor performance to help us to track how well services are performing and to ensure that the outcomes, or the end results that the Council wants, are being achieved.  We also monitor our performance and track our progress over time so that we:- 

  •  measure progress of Council’s priorities
  • can see where services are doing well and/or need support
  • provide Councillors with the information they need to inform decisions
  • are able to challenge our performance and set more challenging targets
  • drive improvement or service development
  • provide residents, partners and other interested people with information so that they can see our progress
  • provide assurance to our Independent Regulators
  • ensure that we provide value for money

What we monitor

We regularly assess and review our progress in the delivery of actions set out in the Council’s key plans and also the performance measures within the Council’s Corporate Plan and Delivery Plans.  The measures are a mixture of those that are nationally prescribed by both Welsh Government and the Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) and those that have been developed by Service Managers locally to meet our local needs.  Although measures, known as performance indicators are important, they are not the only way of assessing and reviewing performance and should be use alongside other methods, e.g. using feedback from service users, residents and our independent regulators.

The Council’s main strategic plan is its Corporate Plan – The Way Ahead.  This plan sets out the Council’s priorities for the four years between 2016-2020.  The detailed actions to deliver these priorities are set out in plans which are monitored and scrutinised by Councillors every quarter as part of the Council’s Performance Reports to Cabinet.  At the end of the year, the plans are also subject to more in depth challenge, review and evaluation, the results of which are then included in the Council’s annual Corporate Performance Report (pdf).

In relation to performance measures, the Council collects and uses the following data sets:

  • Nationally prescribed measures – These are measures collected by all Welsh Councils and demonstrate the performance levels in respect of Council services that are most relevant to people across Wales.  As all Councils collect and report these measures they can be used to compare performance. A review of national performance indicators took place during 2016, this resulted in the introduction of a new set of measures in April 2017. The latest comparison relating to 2016/17 measures can be found in the Data Unit’s Performance Bulletin.  Other relevant  information in respect of Councils in Wales can be found in My Local Council.
  • Local Performance Indicators (LPIs)- These measures are developed by services to measure, monitor and set targets for performance that is specific to a particular activity within a specific Council.  Some of these measures may be relevant to more than one Council, but there is no requirement for others to provide information unless it is relevant to them

Councils in Wales are also required to provide data to Welsh Government and other public bodies about specific Council services, such as, Education, Social Services or Leisure.  You can access most of this information through the Welsh Government Website called Statistics for Wales.

Monitoring Our Progress

Whilst we have our own monitoring arrangements in place, our independent regulator, the Wales Audit Office (WAO) and other regulators conduct reviews of our services.  Inspectors also look at the arrangements we have in place for managing improvement and meeting our legal duty to continuously improve.  The most recent findings in June 2017 are detailed in the Wales Audit Office Annual Improvement Report 2016-17.

In respect of our compliance with the Welsh Language (Wales) 2011 Measure, an annual Welsh Language Compliance Report is published.

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[Last updated 29th May 2018]

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