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Event Timetable

Nos Galan Timetable
 Time  Activity  Area
 17:15  Fun Run - 8-9 year olds  Finish Line
 17:25  Fun Run - 10-11 year olds  Finish Line
 17:40  Fun Run - 12-13 year olds  Finish Line
 17:55  Fun Run - 14-15 year olds  Finish Line
 18:10  Childrens’ prize presentations  Finish Line
 18:20  Mystery Runner arrives  On Oxford St.
 18:30  Mystery Runner lights beacon  Statue
 18:45  Firework display  Behind train station
 19:00  Start of Elite Race  Start line
 19:30  Start of Adults Fun Run  Start line
 20:00-20:15  Presentation of prizes  Statue

Times are subject to change.
*Prize presentation dependant on finish time of Adults Fun Run.