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Virtual race 2021 - All You Need to Know


When will Nos Galan 2021 take place?

- Nos Galan 2021 will go live from 1st December – 31st December 2021

Do I have to run 5Km

- The virtual Nos Galan is a 5km challenge that you can do at your own speed, run, walk, skip or crawl the required distance at any time between 1st December and 31st December. You can complete the 5km distance all at once or over a number of days but your total distance completed must add up to 5km.

Is there an age limit?

- No this is not an age limit but please only take part if you are physically fit to do so.

Can I use a treadmill at home?

- Yes you don’t have to venture outdoors, if you prefer to compete the challenge on a treadmill you can do this and submit your evidence online.

How do I track my 5km distance

-  You will need to submit evidence of completion of the 5km distance. You will need to track your distance via a tracking app or smart watch / phone. Once the distance is complete you will then need to take a photo or screen grab of the evidence and submit this online. If you are using a treadmill you can take a photo of the distance displayed on the machine.

Can I run with other people in a group?

- We know you may like to run with others or as part of a running group and this is fine, subject to following the COVID-19 social distancing requirements in place in your locality at the time of the challenge 1st December – 31st December 2021

Can I Run the Nos Galan route?

- NO we ask that you do not run the Nos Galan route as there will be no safety measures in place. Months of planning and safety measures ae put into place to make sure all competitors are safe on the night of Nos Galan. These measures will not be in place for this virtual race and therefore we ask you do not follow the traditional Nos Galan route.

What will I get for completing the Virtual Nos Galan 2021?

- Each year those who enter the Nos Galan receive a gift bag with a medal and t-shirt once you have crossed the finish line, and this year will be no different. Once you have submitted your evidence the team will then get to work in reviewing this and packing up a limited edition Nos Galan 2021 t-shirt and Medal. This will then get posted to your address. (UK address only)

What size t-shirt should I order?

-  As we will be sending out the t-shirts on completion of your challenge, you will need to select a size during registration. You will then be sent this t-shirt size, unfortunately we are unable to amend or accept returns on any items that sent out. You will be sent the size you have requested on your registration form.

What about safety?

- Things are a little different this year, it will be down to each participant to take their own safety into consideration during the challenge. Please take care and relevant safety measures for your own ability. RCTCBC and the Nos Galan committee take no responsibility for injury or damage to individuals or belonging while competing in this challenge.

Can I enter if I am outside of the UK?

- No unfortunately due to shipping restrictions this virtual challenge is only open to residents with a UK postal address.