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Resident Support

The Council works with key partners to provide support to residents. Coordinated from the Community Resilience Hubs, residents can ask for support at any time by completing the request for support form online. Support will be provided by; Council Staff, 3rd Sector and Community Partners.

Support & Assistance

You can ask for support at any time if you find yourself in need and do not have the support of family, friends or your community.

Your local response team can help with:

  • Support with shopping
  • Friendly telephone call to maintain social contact
  • Support to find work or receive work related training
  • Information and guidance about money or benefits
  • Information about the ‘At Home’ library service
  • Information about the Lifeline Plus Service
  • Wellbeing support if you are feeling lonely or isolated or would like to be put in contact with a local Community Group in your area.
  • Wellbeing Assessment – includes a home visit to discuss and record the position of the whole family, including things that are going well and things you may need help with from our Community Partners

Request assistance

You can request help by completing the online form below.

The Council will share your details with relevant internal and external departments/organisations depending on your needs to provide any speciailist support you have asked for. 

For more information about how the Council process and protects your information please read the privacy notice. This can be found at the following link

RCTCBC Cost of Living Support

For more information please click on the link below

Cost of Living Support

RCTCBC Toilet Strategy

To find out more about the Councils approach to the provision of public toilets please click on the link below

Local Toilets Strategy