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RCT Together

RCT Together is the Council’s forward-thinking approach to working in partnership with residents and communities.  
The RCT Together Team covers Rhondda, Cynon & Taf and can support individuals, groups and services in the following ways:

Community Asset Transfers

Supporting local groups and organisations through the process of ‘taking over’ the responsibility of managing Council buildings or land.


Hands up

Community Resilience Hubs and
Neighbourhood Networks

Community Resilience Hubs provide a point of co-ordination, responding to resident and Neighbourhood Networks needs.

Money Tree

Funding and Resource

We administer small grants that local groups and organisations can apply for to support the great work they do.


have your say

Community Conversations &

Supporting communities to undertake meaningful conversations and consultations with residents. Finding out what is important to people and identifying key areas of work that will make a difference locally.

Get in touch and get supported with any RCT Together Community Development related queries.  Our team is happy to help. 

Data protection

The Council is committed to keeping your personal information safe and secure and keeping you informed about how we use your information.

To learn about how your privacy is protected and how and why we use your personal information to provide you with services, please visit our service privacy notice here and the Councils data protection pages here