RCT Together - Supporting Communities and Residents to Thrive

Established in 2015, RCT Together is the Council’s approach to working in partnership with Communities, Third and Voluntary Sector organisations, and Residents, to build more resourceful and resilient communities.

What's New

Find out what’s new with the RCT Together Team.

Community Asset Transfers
The transfer of Council buildings and/or land to a “not for personal profit” community organisation, social enterprise or Town and Community Council.
Community Resilience Hubs & Resident Support

Places where people can go to receive information, advice and guidance and how to get community support if you need it.

Funding and Resource Support
View the range of funding and resource support available to community groups.

Neighbourhood Network Schedules

There are currently 13 active Neighbourhood Networks across RCTCBC, which meet regularly to discuss what matters to people locally, and exchange information and advice.

RCT Together Newsletters

Catch up with the teams quarterly newsletters which we hope you find interesting and informative.

Find out more about Age Friendly RCT.
View more about the sustainable food place and partnerships in RCT.
The Council distributes period products to local community venues, aiming to deliver free period products to those most in need. Find out where you can access these products and join the network.
Read more about the Local Toilets Strategy and find out where your nearest publically accessible toilets and changing places are in RCT.
Community Training

The RCT Together team offer a range of workshops for community groups and organisations.

RCT Together Commitment

The RCT Together Team will listen and be open to new ideas. We will collaborate and treat everyone with kindness, respect and sensitivity, promoting a sense of belonging and encouraging vibrant, resilient communities built on a foundation of hope, honesty, empathy and integrity.

We are happy to help if you need further advice or information about any of our RCT Together services.

RCT Together would love to hear what you have to say about your Neighbourhood, so please let us know by completing a short survey and read more about what people had to say when we asked in 2021.