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Counselling team

This service is available to anyone who is currently off work due to any difficulties related to their psychological and emotional wellbeing. Issues may be directly linked to experiences at work or could be of a personal nature (past or present) but must show evidence that it clearly affects their capacity to manage and engage in their work, their relationships at work or/and is an ongoing mild or moderate mental health issue which impacts their presentation, their performance at work and satisfaction with work.  

The aim of this service is to empower people to better manage their mental and physical wellbeing to return to work more confident, better able to understand and cope with their difficulties and feeling that they have choices within their working life.

All the counsellors in the service are fully trained and experienced therapists and you will be provided with a safe and confidential space to look at the issues that are causing you distress and which are preventing you from returning to work.

Although all the counselling practitioners are ‘person centred’ in their approach they may use a number of different psychological models to help you work though and find a solution to your difficulties. You will also always be met with a caring, compassionate and non-judgement stance.

Sessions will consist of the following:

  • An initial assessment (lasting one a half hours) to determine the nature of your difficulties and needs
  • A tailor made and co-created counselling programme to address your mental health needs
  • Regular sessions over an agreed period amounting to 6 sessions (on occasions more sessions may be required with a maximum of 10 sessions)
  • Regular reviews of your progress
  • Access to, and handover of care to a parallel service in the project, if and when appropriate i.e. job coaching, physiotherapy or nurse consultation
  • Psychoeducational training courses
  • Specific strategies and approaches proven to be affective in management of symptoms associated with mental health difficulties
  • Signposting to external support services when appropriate
  • Access to the Welsh Government National book prescription scheme
  • Strategies to deal directly with stress at work

People are commonly referred to the service with a diagnosis of stress, anxiety and /or depression and may have been struggling for some time. A clinical diagnosis is not always necessary but it is always beneficial to seek help as early as possible when you are having mild symptoms and a referral to a G.P or Primary Care is recommended. We work closely with G.P services in RCT County Borough Councilwho signpost to the service when required.

On occasions there may be opportunities for our service to work directly with your employer to improve their understanding of your difficulties e.g. we provide training, health promotion, guidance and recommendations on policies and share good practice on dealing with mental health in the workplace. This will be provided by our professional Mental Health and Employment Coaches’ and the Human Resources Policy and Development Officer, working collaboratively our counsellors, who work directly with businesses.

To find out if your business is eligible, contact us on:

Telephone: 01443 827317