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DSE Assessment


Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Users Ergonomic Assessment

Our Physiotherapist are trained in DSE assessment and can offer the following services:

  • Help employers understand their legal obligations under the DSE regulations 1992(modified 2002).
  • Carry out comprehensive DSE assessment for employees with musculoskeletal problems which affect their work: early intervention
  • Carry out comprehensive DSE assessments for those employees with long term conditions e.g. arthritis, chronic back pain.
  • Training to small groups of employees on prevention of musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace and quick check of workstation set up.

The workplace DSE assessments both involve approximately 60 min individual assessment in the workplace followed by a detailed report for management on any recommendations.

Individuals with work related musculoskeletal disorders may also be referred for physiotherapy at the Staying well at work centre.

We do not undertake DSE assessments for visual problems and would direct you to the RNIB website and Access to work for further advice on this.

If you have further questions regarding one of the above services you can contact the Staying well at work Physiotherapist on the contact details below.

Tel: 01443 827317