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Council Leader establishes recovery board to respond to Storm Dennis

Storm dennis

Council Leader Andrew Morgan has established a Recovery Board to co-ordinate the Council’s recovery plan following the devastating impact caused by Storm Dennis this weekend, which has been declared a major weather incident.

Storm Dennis has brought significant implications across our infrastructure, particularly in terms of roads, bridges, retaining and river walls, and flood defences, and the full extent of this will be assessed in the coming days. Due to this, the Council Leader has released £1m to support the substantial repairs and investment required for infrastructure across the County Borough.

Representatives from town centres and businesses impacted by flooding have been invited to form part of the Recovery Board, which will meet for the first-time tomorrow (Tuesday, February 18).

County Borough Councillor Andrew Morgan, Leader of the Council, said: “Today the Council has continued to work with emergency services and support residents and communities in responding to the severe impact caused by Storm Dennis over the weekend.

“Our attention will now turn to recovery, supporting businesses and residents across the County, along with repairing the damage caused by this major weather incident. The Recovery Board I have established this morning will now lead this work and consider the key actions necessary in moving forward. This Board will comprise of Cabinet Members and Council Officers, as well as representatives from the business sector, Natural Resources Wales, emergency services and other partnership agencies.

“The first responsibility for this board will be to consider the community impact and subsequently what resources are necessary to support our communities and to repair the significant damage caused across the County, including to our town centres, bridges and infrastructure, public buildings and our flood defences.

“The recovery from this unprecedented flooding event will take some time, and initially we will need to prioritise key infrastructure and buildings. Many of the buildings which the Council relies on to deliver key services have been severely affected.

“I have sought representatives from the town centres impacted and also from Treforest Industrial Estate, which has also been severely affected by flooding, to ensure we do all we can to support local businesses to recover and limit the economic impact.

“We are keen to hear from residents affected by flooding so that we can assess the impact of Storm Dennis - to effectively plan our support arrangements for communities in the coming weeks.

“Following discussions with the First Minister, I have explained that from the early analysis we have carried out so far that there will be a multi-million pound repair and recovery cost associated with this flood event, which appears to be the worst in over 40 years with some river gauges breaking their highest level records from over forty years ago. Clearly with the significant cost brought about by the flooding, I would expect the Welsh Government to provide funding support to assist our recovery plans as they did in 2018 for Storm Callum.

“The severity of the impact on our communities means that identifying funding to repair the damage to roads, parks, bridges, flood defences and community buildings will need to be a key financial priority for the foreseeable future.”

The Council Leader has taken an urgent executive decision to release £1m from the Council’s General Fund Reserves, which are maintained by the Council to response to unplanned emergency situations.

The Recovery Board will meet twice weekly for the immediate future and will comprise the following membership:

  • Council Leader
  • Council Deputy Leader
  • Cabinet Member for Corporate Services
  • Cabinet Member for Environment, Leisure and Heritage Services
  • Members of the Council’s Senior Leadership Team
  • Representative of Pontypridd Town Council
  • Representatives of Pontypridd BID
  • Representatives of Treforest Business Partnership
  • South Wales Police
  • Natural Resources Wales 
  • Other agencies and partners as required (including third sector)
Posted on 17/02/2020