The Dyfodol Gwyrdd Glân’/’Clean Green Future’ project, is taking a leap forward as it invites businesses to take part in our procurement processes.

This innovative project, is working with and on behalf of Welsh Local Authorities and the Welsh Government to develop and deliver an affordable, sustainable treatment and recycling solution for absorbent hygiene product (AHP) waste in Wales. The project has listened to the feedback received from a number of leading recycling professionals and businesses to develop our approach to the market.

The partnership, which has been established between the Welsh Government and Local Authorities, aims to look at a waste stream that has previously been seen as difficult to recycle and seeks to deliver an affordable and sustainable treatment and recycling solution for absorbent hygiene product waste in Wales.

The procurement notice has now been officially launched and is available on

As a nation, Wales continues to lead the way in household waste recycling, being 3rd place in the world and is committed to building a circular economy and going beyond recycling.

Over 9% of household residual waste is made up of nappies and other absorbent hygiene products (AHP) and the ‘Dyfodol Gwyrdd Glân’/‘Clean Green Future’ project team is looking to procure a recycling solution for this waste type.

It is estimated that there is around 40,000 tonnes of AHP materials, which includes disposable nappies and incontinence products, in the residual waste stream in Wales. This equates to a staggering 200 million nappies a year and over half a million a day. A number of Welsh local authorities have been recycling their Absorbent Hygiene Products for a few years and this project now aims to build on this by providing a sustainable all Wales treatment and recycling solution that councils in Wales can utilise. 

Nigel Wheeler, Senior Responsible Officer for the ‘Dyfodol Gwyrdd Glân’ ‘Clean Green Future’ project, said:

“This innovative project is now moving forward to the next stage and we are pleased to be inviting businesses to take part in our procurement process and offer their technological solutions. 

“There has been a number of innovative advancements in the way AHP waste is managed in recent years and the main aim of this project is to work with and engage with businesses to use and enhance these to turn AHP waste into a resource.

“This can only be done by developing treatment and recycling solutions from what has previously been seen as a solid waste disposal issue - resulting in reduced residual waste and a beneficial carbon impact for Wales. As a nation it is vital that we work together to develop a Clean, Green, Future for Wales so that we can meet the Welsh Government target of becoming a Zero-Waste nation by 2050.

“As a country we are looking to reduce, re-use and recycle as much as we can in a bid to become a Zero-Waste nation operating in a circular economy. As a result, local authorities, together with the Welsh Government, are seeking affordable and sustainable solutions to waste management.”

For more information on the Dyfodol Gwyrdd Glân’ ‘Clean Green Future’ project visit www.CleanGreenFuture.Wales
Posted on Tuesday 17th November 2020

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