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Apply for the Childcare Offer

If you wish to receive funded childcare via the Childcare Offer for Wales from January 2023, you will need to apply through the new national digital service.  This will be a bilingual, online service that can be accessed via a laptop, mobile phone or tablet. 

You access the service via Government Gateway.  You can use your existing Government Gateway account number, or you can create a new account (via the link below).  You will need to upload evidence with your application.  Further information on evidence required can be found here.

If you are already accessing the Offer, there is nothing you need to do as you will remain on the current system until you become ineligible.  However, if you wish to receive Childcare Offer for Wales funding for another child from January 2023, you will need to apply via the national digital service.

Apply via the national digital service.