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Childminders provide care from their own homes but also spend time at venues such as toddler groups, libraries, parks and private activity centres to provide a varied and nurturing environment.

They are trained, registered practitioners responsible for your child's safety and care, as well as their emotional and physical development, providing a mix of play and learning experiences, both inside and outside of the home, through their role.

All childminders are registered and inspected by the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW) and each holds a registration certificate from the CCSIW and a public liability insurance certificate.

Having these important documents is a must for all childminders - please do not be afraid to ask to see a copy when you are choosing childcare.

Because they are self-employed, childminders set their own fees and can be flexible with working hours. They can look after up to six children of varying ages at any one time, so are a good option to consider if you have more than one child who needs care

The CCSIW and PACEY websites contain lots of useful information and resources to help you choose the right childcare, including a handy checklist to follow. 

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