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Free school meal support to families with eligible learners

School Christmas Holidays 2022/23

The Welsh Government has made available funding at the rate of £19.50 per week (£3.90 per day) per eligible learner to make free school meal provision available during school holidays up to and including Spring 2023 half term.

Christmas holidays are for two full weeks, starting 26th December 2022 and returning to school on the 9th January 2023.

BACS payments of £39 will be paid to eligible families by 23/12/2022.
Regardless of eligibility for Free School Meals, learners in Reception year have been entitled to a Universal Primary Free School since September 2022. This will be extended to learners in Year 1 and eligible Nursery learners when schools reopen after the Christmas holidays and Year 2 after Easter 2023 holidays.

To be entitled to the holiday payment, you must have applied for Free School Meals even if your child receives a free school meal under the Universal Primary Free School Meal scheme. Potential entitlement to a PDG Access Grant is also dependent upon a successful application for Free School Meals.

If eligible families don’t apply for a Free School Meal through the Council it will affect the amount of funding that individual schools receive from Welsh Government, which will mean the school has less money than it is entitled to in order to provide education and support to your children.

Please click here to apply for Free School Meals:

Free School meals - Apply for free school meals | Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council (