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Free school meal support to families with eligible learners

Free school meal support to families with eligible learners

Term time

Welsh Government has made available additional funding to local authorities for eligible learners who are unable to attend school, where in line with guidance that advises a period of self-isolation as a result of COVID-19, and where schools have to send eligible learners home due to staff shortages related to COVID-19. In such cases, a Free School Meal Self-Isolation Payment of £3.90 per day will be paid into bank accounts via BACS (paid on a weekly basis). School registers will be used to identify eligible learners for the period 1st April 2022 to 30th June 2022 and, at this point, it is anticipated that the Free School Meal Self-Isolation Payments will come to an end.

School Holidays

The Welsh Government has also made available funding at the rate of £19.50 per week (£3.90 per day) per eligible learner to make free school meal provision available during school holidays until the end of Summer 2022. Accordingly BACS payments will continue to be made throughout school holiday periods.

School Easter holiday 2022 payments will be made as follows:

Payment for the 10 days inclusive of Monday 11th April to Friday 22nd April will be paid week commencing 11th April at a value of £39.00 per eligible learner.

This web-page will be updated as and when further information is confirmed.