Our wardens sometimes deal with other straying animals besides dogs. There is a particular problem with straying horses in Rhondda Cynon Taf.

Depending on where they are straying, these animals will be impounded and will be kept for between 7 and 14 days, after which time they may be re-homed.

If a stray animal is impounded a release fee (including any veterinary expenses incurred) must be paid to the Council.  The animal will not be released and reunited with its owner until the fees have been paid in full. (see table below) 

In the case of stray horses a valid horse passport must be produced upon payment.

Release fees for impounded livestock
 LivestockSeizure Fee (£)Daily Lairage Fee (£)
HORSE £74 £14.85
CATTLE £74 £14.85
DONKEY £74 £14.85
SHEEP £49.50 £10
PIG £49.50 £10
GOAT £49.50 £10
Any other stock animal £49.50 £10

Livestock that has strayed onto private land may also be impounded, at the written request of the landowner.

If known, the owner of the animal will be informed that the animal has strayed onto the highway, and given a reasonable time to collect the animal. If the Council have to collect the animal we will endeavour to contact the owner giving details of where it can be collected within 7 days, subject to the payment for any damage caused, and expense incurred.

We will notify the police of the straying animal and inform them that we intend to impound it.

Some complaints cannot be dealt with by the Dog Warden. These will be passed quickly to the appropriate agency (e.g. the Police or RSPCA).

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