Empty Homes Grants of up to a maximum of £20,000 are available to bring long-term empty homes back into use as residential homes for owner occupation.

Grants are available subject to the following eligibility criteria.

  • The empty home must be located within the designated ‘Valleys Taskforce Area’.
  • Applicants must be owners or prospective owners, who intend to occupy the empty home as their main residence, for a minimum 5-year period from the date of the certification of grant aided work. (Grant condition period).
  • The home must have been registered as vacant with the Local Authority’s Council Tax Department for a minimum of 6 months immediately prior to the date of grant application.

Potential applicants who meet the above criteria will be considered for grant aid towards the cost of repairs to the empty home, subject to the following conditions,

  • Applicants are required to make a mandatory contribution of 15% of the total cost of eligible works (capped at £3,000). The mandatory contribution will be waived for applicants in financial hardship.
  • Grant aid will only be awarded for eligible work identified by the Authority’s surveyor. Only essential repair works required to make the home safe, secure and free from any category 1 hazards will be considered.
  • Not all applicants will receive the maximum grant award. No grant assistance will be awarded where the total assessed work is under £1,000.
  • The completion of all eligible work is a requirement to grant payment being released. If the cost of eligible works exceeds the £20,000 grant maximum, you would be responsible to finance the excess cost. You should ensure that you have the finance available to complete the eligible works.
  • Any work completed prior to the survey AND grant approval will not be eligible for grant aid.
  • Repayment of the grant aid awarded is required if the home is sold, or not occupied as intended during the 5-year grant condition period.
  • It is a requirement that a full Legal Charge be registered against the home's title at the Land Registry in favour of the Local Authority. 
  • Grant payment will only be released on certification of works to the satisfaction of the Local Authority AND once the Legal Charge is placed.

Please contact EmptyHomesGrant@rctcbc.gov.uk for more information

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  • evidence of your mortgage/mortgage offer
  • evidence of benefit entitlement
  • evidence of your National Insurance Number

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