What is an Apprenticeship? 

It is a job with training. Being an Apprentice means that you have a job that includes gaining recognised qualifications and essential skills whilst you are working and earning a wage. 

There are three types of Apprenticeships: 

  • Foundation Apprenticeship 
  • Apprenticeship 
  • Higher Apprenticeship 

There are three different types because different jobs need different levels of qualifications, some higher than others.  

Who can apply? 

Anyone.  As long as you are 16 or over, there is no upper age limit.  

Due to the Apprenticeship entry criteria, applications cannot be accepted from any applicant who has already gained a similar qualification at level 3 or above in the role applied for.  For example, if you have a degree in Civil Engineering you will not be eligible to apply for a Civil Engineering apprenticeship post.  However, you could apply for any other apprenticeship post.  Any such applications will not be considered. Rhondda Cynon Taf Council welcomes applications from all parts of the community.  

How long will it last?  

Your Apprenticeship will last for 2 years with Rhondda Cynon Taf Council  

How will I learn?  

This depends on the job you are training for.  Every Apprentice follows a programme of study that is approved. That means that you will gain a recognised qualification.  By the end of your Apprenticeship you will have the qualifications, skills and experience which match exactly what you have trained for.  

What will I get paid?  

You will be paid at national minimum wage, depending on your age.  

As of April 2020, the current rate is: 

  • 25 & over £8.72 
  • 21-24 £8.20 
  • 18 - 20 £6.45 
  • Under 18 £4.55 

How do I apply?  

Visit our vacancy search engine to apply or click here!  

Help us improve - don't include personal or financial information, e.g. your National Insurance number or credit card details.