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Jacob Webley - Graduate Estates Surveyor

Name: Jacob Webley 

Year Started (Graduate Scheme): 2018 

Current Position: Graduate Estates Surveyor 

Studied: Studied Real Estate at Reading University at Masters Level 

Why did you apply for the scheme: 

Being originally from Newport and moving to Cardiff I was looking for the opportunity to continue my career progression in the same field as my studies. I wanted to work and live in Wales and the graduate scheme seemed to tick all the boxes. The graduate scheme has given me the opportunity to gain a Project Management qualification funded by the Welsh Government but also allowing me to progress through my APC studies to become a Chartered Surveyor.  

Highlights: The graduate scheme has provided me with the means to work cooperatively with other Council departments to deliver a range of projects. No day is the same ranging from acquiring or disposing of property, lease negotiations and renewals to dealing with encroachments. I have been involved in numerous projects from the start some of which included the sale of numerous garage plots across RCT that were previously rented through a tenancy agreement. You are provided with the option of further learning, for example I am able to attend CPD sessions provided by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and gain support through my APC studies. 

Recommendations to Applicants:  

Do your research in terms of looking at previous reports or projects Corporate Estates have been involved in. Showing an active interest through questions at the end of the interview will allow yourself to learn more about the role but show to those interviewing you your qualities and if you are suited to the role. 

Understand what Corporate Estates do and what problems this service area faces. Best way to handle the interview from my point of view is be yourself, personable and confident. You can apply previous jobs, life experiences and hobbies it does not have to be all about property related experiences. If you don’t understand a term or question just ask for further explanation instead of making something up.