Huw - Intervention Worker, Miskin Project/East Older

How long have you been in your job and what did you do before?

I worked in the coal industry for 25 years before plant closure.  I volunteered briefly with Victim Support while working in a residential children’s home for 3 years before starting with Miskin in 2005.

What does your job involve and what is a typical day like?

I work with children between the ages of 11 to 17 who are in the Children Looked After (CLA) system and children who are experiencing difficulties at home. Mornings are usually taken up recording my contact sessions with the young people making telephone calls and preparing my work sessions or attending meetings. Afternoons are when I generally meet the young people to address and discuss the issues and concerns identified in the intervention plan.

What’s the best thing/s about your job?

Flexibility to plan my working day/week.  Meeting the young people and families to offer support.

What attracted you to apply for a job with RCT Council?

I was a youth football coach while in the coal industry and enjoyed working with the young people involved in the team.  When the coal plant closed, this particular kind of work interested me so I began applying for the relevant posts.

What positives have you experienced in your career with RCT Council?

My role has offered me the opportunity to become involved in the lives of families and young people to offer practical support to hopefully make positive changes to their lives. I’ve been fortunate to experience many outdoor activity experiences and progress in my own personal development.  I offered long term support to a young person experiencing difficulties in care and his education who later went on to attend university which was particularly rewarding for me personally.

What is the best thing about working for RCT Council?

Being part of a successful team that is the Miskin Project.

What would you say to someone thinking of applying for a job in social care at RCT Council?

I would highly recommend it if you would like to make positive changes to people’s lives.